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2017 -- It's Been A Year!

Regan Hall

I had this shop set up in 2015/2016. I focused on crafting sweet hand-felted toys and home goods. It was a hobby, something to do while I had some downtime between my kids' needs or my own. Something to keep my hands busy and my mind quiet. Cute playthings for kids that were crafted with care. 

Then, November 2016 washed over me like a tidal wave and I found myself gasping for air. As I struggled against the new political climate, I realized that I could only steady myself by sketching and drawing, something I hadn't really done in years. In doing so, I found a new purpose for my little studio. I decided that I needed to dedicate a year to making art of a political nature. I began creating topical postcards based on the news, because that was a size that I could get done in the space of time after the kids went to bed and the dogs settled down. A postcard was brief and pointed, and if I sent them to politicians, they could be scanned easily and quickly by the postal workers. A postcard forced me to not labor over the subject too long, nor to become too attached, because I was going to put a stamp on it and mail it to the White House anyway. Draw. Write. Stamp. Send. 

Did all my customers warm up to the idea? Nope. But that was a risk I knew I had to take. I started scanning my original postcards before I mailed them, because friends wanted to send them too. Then folks wanted to start purchasing themed packs. I will continue to work on the postcards as we continue to #RESIST this political regime. However, beginning in January, I will be turning my attention back onto the studio shop at large. New products will surprise you -- they will probably surprise me, too. But most importantly, art and craft has become my touchstone this last year, not just my hobby. I hope that some of the import and meaning will shine through to you.